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Wireless remote controller

PB-403R is mini wireless remoter controller with 6 keys; it is one of important accession of our company, has the function of controlling the wireless products. With special out look, it can be decoration and convenient for taking. It is easy for using, has high sensibility in 30 meters. After coding with wireless products, it controls wireless products, except the traditional keys for ALARM and DISALARM, new keys added for wireless electronic control, and emergency bottom key for you to send out emergency imme- diately. For better protection of your security, it is g
A. 6 independent function keys
B. For fast arm/disarm, easy and convenient, emergency call, 
     safe and covert.
C. Wireless electronic control
D. Exquisite  design,   with  pictures  for  key  functions  easy 
E. Scientific  address  code  with  millions  of  combination, 
     which enable all the remoter controller to be exclusive one, 
     without  permitting, it  is  impossible  to copy our wireless
F. Low  consumption  for  transmitting, indication for signal 
     out  put visible
G. Compatible with  all our  433MHz/868MHz wireless products 
Model: PB-403R
Using range: 100m(When the remote control distance is 
insufficient, please hang the remote control key ring vertically 
and press the remote control button.)
Frequency: 433MHz/868MHz(Optional)
Code: 28 bits ID, 8 bits function code, 36 bits date code
Voltage: 5.8V-7V. With two  CR2032  Lithium batteries, 
                 working life is about one year
Information emission: LED lighting 
Temperature: -10℃~50℃
Size: 66.5*31.5*10.5mm
Weight: 22g
Colour: grey


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