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RFID Touch Wireless Keypad

PB-503R is a miniature wireless bi-directional communication LCD keypad. Support RFID card disarming function of touch wireless Two-way remote control, it has beautiful and new design, stable perfor -mance. You can use it to control our company's wireless Alarm host, to achieve remote host, arm and disarm the information synchronization with the host function (this point need to work in two-way mode).
◎ LCD display.
◎ 2-way communication.
◎ Communicate with the alarm panel by double wireless way. 
◎ Working voltage: 6V( 4 AAA batteries、50 uA) or 12VDC(100mA). 
◎ Keypad number: at most 8 
◎ Wireless communicating distance: 40m (in the open air) 
◎ Emitting power: 12dB 
◎ Emitting frequency: 433MHz/868MHz
Model No.:PB-503R
Working Voltage:3.7V / 1600mA
Shutdown Current:≤10uA
Working Current:≤90mA
Charging Current:≤500mA
Wireless Emitting Distance: not less than 100M(an open field)
User Password:1234(support 4 user password)
Admin Password:987699
Battery Standby Time: 6-8 Hours
Power Saving Mode: Auto shutdown the system within 30 minutes 
                                    if without any operations。
Wake Up Key: Short Press enter into doorbell model. Long Press enter into wake up 
                          mode and LCD will light up.
Keypad Low Voltage: When the keypad voltage is lower than 3.5V,  Low voltage icon will 
                                     display in the LCD screen only and disable the RFID functions.


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