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Network Camera

HA-8402 is integrating the traditional camera and network video server embedded into an digital monitoring system. based on an embedded Linux Operation system. And adopts Hi3518C hardware platform with high efficient and low volume. high performance, good stability and reliability.With DHCP Way, P2P Cloud Store, Alarm Security Functions.
Support 32 IPCams to work IP Alarm system(ST-VGT)
32 Wireless Alarm Devices (door sensor, remotes, pir motion detectors......)
All Alarm devices can bind each 32 IPCams to alarm.

Users can recevie the alarming from app, auto recording the video from app after alarming.
Freely to check all the alarming events recording, even from TF card.
Operating System:Ebedded Linux
User Interface:IE Brower、Onvif Client、Cms Client、Mobile Client
Video Format: Main stream 720P/D125fps Sub-stream:D1/CIF 25fps
Audio Format:G711A Support dual way voice, built in Mic and Speaker.
Ethernet Port:10M/100M adaptive network interface.
Backup Interface:TF Card,Max support 128G(32G above need to config from  the webIE and format the SD card)
Protocol:Meian Protocol、Meian P2P Protocol、Onvif Protocol
Image Sensor: Crystalline phase H62,100W(1280*720)
Power Supply: DC 12V1A  input PS/2


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