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Multi-functional TCP/IP control panel with DVR

Hidden Surveillance China Manufacturer 4CH/8CH H264 Hybrid AHD 1080P Alarm DVR EAVS-2504/EAVS-2508 With Wired Keypad
Video Function
*Video access:4*AHD/4*960P/4*1080P(EAVS-2504)
*Synchronous playback:2*AHD/4*960P/2*1080P(EAVS-2504)
*Video Output:HDMI/VGA/IVDEO output.
*Capability:Preview/Recording/Playback/backup/Network Monitoring.
*Network Protocol:TCP/IP, DHCP, DDNS,PPPoE.
*Network Security:IP filter, Password Authentication.
*IPC Protocol:onvif 28181.
*Motion detection alarm and detector intrusion alarm dual identification.
*Support 3G mobile video monitoring, and PTZ/Home appliance control.
*Support video and data directional transmission,facilitate networking.
*Support P2P Server.

Alarm Function
*Capacity:4 wired+32 wireless+64 bus zones+16CH electric switch control.
*Arm/Disarm mode:whole arm/disarm, 8 partition arm/disarm, sole arm/disarm.
*Network communication:PSTN+GPRS+TCP/IP Triple in one.
*Tel-line communication:2 CMS No. 4 voice phone No. 2 free charge of arm/disarm No.
*GSM communication:4 voice phone No. GSM SMS arm/disarm, GPRS network communication.
*IP communication:IE program, remote upgrade,remote control, alarm networking.
*Remote program:GPRS TCP/IP dual data transmission remote program.
*Distinct function: voice prompt. Intercom, site monitoring, timing arm/disarm, online/offline report, Environmental monitoring. Smart home appliance.
*Extended function:relay linkage, PGM output.
Product Name EAVS-2504/8(Hi3520d)
Operating System Embedded Linux
User Interface 16bit true color graphical menu operation interface support USB mouse operation with menu notes
Peripheral Interface Video Input 4/8 channel BNC video input
Audio Input 4/8 channel RCA audio input
Audio Output 1 channel 3.5mm audio output
Video Output 1 channel VGA output / 1 channel BNC output / 1CH HDMI output
PC Output 1 channel VGA output
Alarm Input 8 wired zones, 32 wireless zones, 64 bus zones. 8 wireless remote control, 16 wired keypad. 16CH electrical power switch.
RS485 Port 1 RS487 port
Network Interface 1 RJ45, 10M/100M adaptive network interface
HDD Interface 2 SATA HDD interface
Mouse port 1 USB2.0 port
USB port 1 USB2.0 / 1 USB1.1 port
Antenna port 1 x 6 PINS port
Telephone Line port 1 in / 1 out, 2 groups of terminal port
Power Interface 1 DC12V input
Monitor Resolution 1024*768/60hz, 1280*720/60hz, 1280*1024/60hz, 1600*1200/60hz, 1920*720p/60hz, 1920*1080p/60hz
Playback Resolution 1024*768/60hz, 1280*720/60hz, 1280*1024/60hz, 1600*1200/60hz, 1920*720p/60hz, 1920*1080p/60hz
Video Coding Standard H.264, PAL / NTSC
Video Output Rate 960H, 1080p, 720p. (adjustable)
Audio Coding Standard ADPCM,sampling rate,8khz / 8bit
Audio Output Rate 24Kbps


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