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TCP/IP 2G/4G Home Alarm System

Mini size GPRS/4G/tcp/ip dual network burglar alarm system, smart burglar alarm system
◎ LCD display, easy to operate.
◎ 8 wired, 32 wireless zones.
◎ 4 sub-systems, 2-way communication.
◎ Built-in 2G/4G module, support GPRS/4G data transmission,built-in TCP/IP module.
◎ 32 appliance switch control, timing control.
◎ Patented Multi-Code no repeat holographic encoding.
◎ Built-in music doorbell,high sound siren.
◎ Remote phone operation, 15 seconds address recording,timing arm/disarm,free arm/disarm.
◎ Wireless devices status inspection, wireless alarm linkage.
◎ Door contact inspection.
◎ App remote control, can remote arm/disarm, listen-in etc through mobile App.
◎ Built-in 7.4V/1800mAh rechargeable battery.
◎ Power supply: 15V/2000mA
◎ Built in rechargeable battery:11.1V/1000mah
◎ System static current: <50mA(exclude wireless detector)
◎ System alarming current: <300mA(exclude wireless high siren current)
◎ System maximum output current: ≤100mA(supply wireless detector)
◎ Frequency:433MHz/868MHz
◎ Signal transmit distance: 100 to 150 meters (open area)
◎ The method of alarming dial: DTMF GSM or GPRS
◎ Communication protocol with CMS: Ademco Contact ID
◎ DTMF dial frequency variation:,1.5%
◎ Recording time:15s


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