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PSTN+2G/4G Network Alarm System

APP Operation LCD Display Wireless 2G/4G/PSTN Home Anti Theft Alarm System. The smart home system use most advanced digital sensing and control technology, it is a set of smart alarm control system of anti-thief, anti-fire, and anti-gas leak compatible with wired and wireless alarm. used in Contact ID makes application of this series of products wider and compatibility. the system can be widely used in family, community, villas, shops, unites and so on.
◎ Full touch screen glass board panel.
◎ Speech indication for all operation steps, English LCD screen, Easy to operate than before.
◎ 8 wired 32 wireless zone, 32 BUS zone,210 zone total.
◎ 4 subsystem, bidirectional wireless communication.
◎ Build-in 2G/4G wireless communication module, support GPRS/4G data transmission.
◎ 32 electric appliance control, electric appliance switch timely control.
◎ Muti-Code Non-repeat holographic code.
◎ Build-in songs doorbell and sound siren.
◎ Remote control by telephone,10s address recording, arm/disarm timely and freely.
◎ Wireless equipment status checking, wireless alarm linkage.
◎ Telephone line cut alarm.
◎ Reminder windows and doors is not closed.
◎ Build-in 9.6V/1000mAh rechargeable battery.
◎ Power supply: 15V/2000mA
◎ Built in rechargeable battery:11.1V/1000mah
◎ System static current: <50mA(exclude wireless detector)
◎ System alarming current: <300mA(exclude wireless high siren current)
◎ System maximum output current: ≤100mA(supply wireless detector)
◎ Frequency:433MHz/868MHz
◎ Signal transmit distance: 100 to 150 meters (open area)
◎ The method of alarming dial: DTMF GSM or GPRS
◎ Communication protocol with CMS: Ademco Contact ID
◎ DTMF dial frequency variation:,1.5%
◎ Recording time:15s


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