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Home Intruder Alarm System

wireless pstn safety self defense home alarm system ST-III for home protection

 1.  Speech indication for all operation steps, English LCD screen indication

 2.  Tel-line auto-dial with pre-recorded voice message in case of emergency

 3.  Supports 4 voice numbers connect to alarm control panel (included telephone and mobile phone


 4.  Wireless frequency 433MHz / 868MHz

 5.  Supports dual-way communication

 6.  Supports 8 dual-way wired or wireless keypad

 7.  Programmable 8 wired zones and 32 wireless zones

      (included wireless detector / wireless door sensor / wireless smoke detector / wireless gas  

      detector etc…sensor inputs)

 8.  Supports 8 wireless intelligent remote controller

 9.  Supports 1 dual-way sound and light siren

10.  Setting 2 alarm center numbers (CMS number)

11.  Setting 4 group timing arm or disarm

12.  Remotely arm, disarm and live listen function

13.  Arm and disarm status resume when power off

14.  150 alarm log and inquiry and 10 seconds live listen and recording

15.  Communication protocol to alarm center - Ademco Contact ID

16.  Inspections wireless device lose or low battery

17.  Built-in rechargeable battery 7.2V/300mA up to 8 hours when power off

18.  Included 12V/1000mA power adapter


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