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Home Intruder Alarm System

Best Wireless PSTN Auto Dialer Home Intruder Alarm System
  1. Speech  indication for each operation step (LCD screen icon display)
  2. programmable 8 wired zones / 32 wireless zones
  3. tel-line auto-dial with pre-recorded voice message in case of emergency
  4. built-in siren / door bell tone / high tone loudspeaker
  5. 2 alarm center phone numbers (CMS numbers) / 4voice alarm number
  6. communication protocol to alarm center-Ademco Contact ID protocol
  7. 32 wireless detector / 8 wireless remote control /1dual-way wireless sound and light siren
  8. dual-way communication of arm or disarm status by phone remotely
  9. admin and user setting operation separately
  10. group timing arm and disarm setting
  11. 120 alarm log and inquiry /10 seconds for live listen and recording
  12. inspection wireless device low battery or lose status
  13. arm or disarm status resume after power off / wireless alarm linkage
  14. supports CID protocol upload / 4 or 6 digit user ID code
  15. magnetic contact opened inspection function / tel-line off inspection function
  16. wireless frequency 433MHz
  17. built-in rechargeable battery 7.2V / 300mA up to 8 hours when power off
  18. included 12V / 1000mA external power adapter


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