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2G/4G PSTN Burglar Alarm Control System

FC-7564 is a intelligent alarm control system which in tegrated with burglar proof, fireproof, gas leak proof. it is compatible with wired and wireless alarm mode. it use advanced coding techniques of BUS zone and multi-bit random code hopping techniques in security and reliability. to avoid false alarm and interference effectively. adopt SMS, 2G/4G, high-speed Contact ID alarm transmission mode. this system is wirdely used in residence community, villa, shops, offices.
◎ Interactive device : support 8 two way keypads and remote controllers.

◎ System Capacity:  8 wired zones,32 wireless zones, 16 electric switches.

◎ Two-way communication: GPRS/4G+PSTN.

◎ 2G/4G Communication: SMS,GPRS/4G alarm and arm/disarm.

◎ Programming: Support GPRS/4G two way data transmission and control.

◎ Wireless Repeater: Wireless to wireless to extend the distance between host to detector.

◎ Special function: Timing arm/disarm on unattended. Detector self-check and remote electric switch.

◎ Extension function: Repeater linkage, programmable output.  Auto upgrading to video alarm system once switching in MEIAN IPC, DVR or NVR.
Zone 8 wired zone / 24 wireless zone / 32 bus zone
Keypad Support 8 LCD keypad                                          
Remote controller

Support 8 remote controller

System code 1 installer code/24 user code
Voice phone Set 4 voice phone
Event log 128 circular event logs for inquiry
Equipment GSM module(GPRS function),serial communication port, relay module,SD card
Zone name English name editor(19 letters), can edit the name of zones if it is not the keypad zone
Power supply 12V DC/7AH. Backup battery can hold 16 hours.



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